caster blaster

i crush on ira glass as much as the next person, but he’s kinda slid down the list, and glynn washington is moving up.

my conversational skills might be lacking because i talk as much about stuff i hear in podcasts as about stuff that happens in real life. if you all listened to those same podcasts we can all talk about stuff that’s not from real life together.

my stitcher app tells me i’ve listened to 734 episodes and 279 hours. and that’s all when i’m not listening to game of thronesi feel like i have to justify this by telling you that i’m not just sitting around listening to this stuff. it’s all done while i get ready in the morning and when i work on the longarm quilting machine.

my podcast listening life started with the basics like”this american life,” “stuff you should know” and “the moth” and expanded from there. these days i prefer to use stitcher, which let’s you create favorites lists and stream the podcasts, rather than subscribing in itunes. that way i don’t have to deal with the clutter of all those files, and it’s just so easy to manage and reliable. here is what currently satiates my constant need to be info-fed. seriously, it’s bad. it’s like audio-information is the new lullaby.

fave podcasts
Culture Gabfest – 3 topics from pop culture each week
Snap Judgement – “storytelling. with a beat.” pretty much.
Radiolab – anything vaguely scienceish, or curious, as they’d say.
Freakonomics – anything, from an economics bent. hinges on curosity like radiolab.
Lexicon Valley – on language, more exploratory than prescriptive
99% Invisible – design & architecture related
Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me – news via quiz show with funny people, perhaps mo rocca if you’re lucky.
How To Do Everything – 2 of the wait wait producers being clever and answering questions about how to do stuff.

not quite fave podcasts
wnyc’s soundcheck
studio 360
apm: marketplace
on the media
stuff you missed in history class

none of this stuff is very out there, maybe you already listen to all of it. and there aren’t really sewing/quilting or music podcasts on here, which is odd since those are the things i spend so much of my time and thought on. as it turns out those feel kind of tedious to listen to. maybe my absorption style of that kind of info is too frenetic.

so, one person who reads this blog, what podcasts am i missing out on?

btw, this is what i’m listening to today.


two-headed bird, one stone

at once this blog post will serve as a response to a fb message as well as the fulfillment of a promise. both were to the same person so not quite two birds.

after nearly 13 months, the first post back must of course be about what i’ve been listening to. here goes.

  • some obvious things like the new grizzly bear album, shields.
  • the generationals’ actor-caster. solid in its entirety and i have not been able to get “yours forever” out of my head.
  • new stars album, the north. “hold on when you get love and let go when you give it” and “do you want to die together” are everything i love about the stars.
  • new best coast album, the only place. back to the surf-rock thing of 2 summers ago with the super simple songs and silly lyrics (like REALLY. “we have fun, we have fun, we have fun when we please.”). i assume it’s all self-conscious but either way i’m totally fine with it.  this time at least the recording is better, and bethany’s voice sounds more confident but it might just be less reverb. who knows. one fave: “why i cry.”
  • electric guests’ mondo which is not just a novelty album from the brother of a comedy celebrity, but could actually be enough to make me brave the ridiculousness of the urban lounge to see them play in a few weeks. lead singer asa taccone is brother to the lonely island’s jorma, and is an adorable dancer as seen here, which is how i learned about them in the first place thanks to libbie linton

of course this is only a tiny fraction of my listening time, the hours i have logged on stitcher is embarrassing. hey, i hear a podcast post coming!


on a day when i feel pretty useless i remind myself that today i did get interviewed for a magazine, take an order from a well-known designer, and get a pattern design approved for publication.

nothing’s stopping.
including the listening to new Lo-Fi-Fnk, The Last Summer, and hand embroidering at least a little bit every day.

einstein’s dreams

i’ve always said this is one of my most favorite books even though i was only 16 or so when i read it. (plus it validated my thing for jewish authors.)  i re-read it for book club recently, but missed the meeting. not having talked about it yet must be why i felt compelled to write something about it on goodreads. which i’ve copied here.

just finished this book for the second time. i rarely read books twice, but the first time was in high school and i remember enjoying it so much. i had sort of forgotten why, other than that the paradigms of time comprising each chapter were in and of themselves intriguing. apparently it also had to do with the challenge to my teenage mind to think about the plight of the modern man. this must have been the focus of many class discussions on this book, based on some notes in the margins i found. it did trigger memories of those english teachers trying to get us to decide how to life a productive and authentic life.  for example, on p. 17 after the chapter about time travel, I had written, “we, although not time travelers, can change the future with the way we live, things we do, etc. what is the difference between us and a traveler from the future in the risk involved in changing the future? we are living the life the will be the future but they are outsiders.  the importance of what we do may be the same, but they try to omit themselves from courses of action, and we must commit the action in order to produce an effective course.”  don’t know if i’d ever have come up with that now. funny though, cause i still think about action vs. inaction a whole lot, which might make those teacher happy.  i also had many notes correlating the different conceptualizations of time to different characters in the sound and the fury. buh…  i guess that one is next on my to-reread list.

ps. alan lightman once personally funded and built a mosque for a poor cambodian town.  cause that’s just what jewish physicist-writers do.


i am not the only one who has a crush on neville longbottom.

but for the record, i always loved him. not just when he got all hot.

the kills – future starts slow



i started reading the book thief last night, in one of those real tired but kind of lucid and impressionable states. so it really got me when he talked about experiencing everything through color. sometimes i feel like color is all my world is, and sometimes i wish my world was even more just color. then today i came across this site that does photo searches by color. 

i could play with that forever. to get it just right, you also have to be listening to the new patrick wolf album, lupercalia, while you play with the colors.

i was not expecting it to be this good. i don’t have the energy anymore to ever say why something is good. just that it is. and you should just trust me.

also also you can read the blog i do have energy for (cause it’s my livelihood) at suppose.

black light dinner party

stuff i did

went to this.

 it’s enough to make you shave half your head like a fan girl.

watched this.

someone told me to but who was it? i can’t remember, but thanks anyway, and call me so we can talk about it. i’m a sucker for the repressed dramatics of british period tv. plus, it’s set in 1912 which makes for amazing costumes compared to all those tired regency gowns.

listened to this.

and got sad. i always thought james murphy just looked like an unassuming dad, and that’s how i came to think of him–the elder voice of reason for a musical generation. don’t laugh.
also i can’t imagine all he’s gonna do now is dj. speculation?
btw there was a little twin peaks theme going on there at the end of the show, which reminds me. i need a designer to collaborate on a twin peaks themed embroidery project…

and there’s this.
lcd soundsystem – live alone (franz ferdinand cover)

and for a little variation…
made this.

named him jaime elefante at amy’s suggestion. made with fabric from the parisville collection by tula pink. obsessed.

guess that’s enough for now.

but who’s the poor man’s bon jovi?

me: bon jovi is the poor man’s bruce springsteen.

mom: bruce springsteen IS for the poor man.

me: no, i mean if you couldn’t have bruce springsteen, you’ll take bon jovi.

mom: why wouldn’t you have bruce springsteen?

not sure if she was messing with me or just real real tired.