if i was not me

I don’t think I really finished with my songs of the year, but since the year is over I guess I’ll get on with things.

we and casey 5.19.05
Arjan wrote about this version of “Never Win” a while ago before it was out, but I didn’t really listen to it until recently, and it’s lovely.

Mp3: Never Win (Mirwais Alternate Mix) by Fischerspooner

Though I’m sure it didn’t compare to say, their Halloween show, I very much enjoyed having Casey Spooner spit Heineken on me and my friends when they played the Canal Room in May. Somehow there is something incredibly intriguing about every little movement Casey makes. All that said, I shouldn’t let Warren miss out on the credit. I love you too, Warren. If you still haven’t seen the “Never Win” video, please do yourself a favor and watch it (and the alternate edit) here.

FS promises big things this year and I can’t wait.
buy FS


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  1. cute blog, cool taste. add me to your links!

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