The Prize Fighter Inferno

Let me start off here by saying that I am not so much a fan of Coheed & Cambria. But my darling brother is and he sent me this disco-y little treat from The Prize Fighter Inferno, the side project of Co & Ca’s baby-voiced frontman Claudio Sanchez (who’s name I can never remember so I just call him Hurley cause he looks like he belongs on Lost). And guess what? I liked it. Even if I never listen to anything else he ever does, at least there’s this.

Mp3: The Margretville Town Dance – The Prize Fighter Inferno

The Prize Fighter Inferno will release My Brother’s Blood Machine this year.
The Prize Fighter Inferno on MySpace


19 responses to “The Prize Fighter Inferno

  1. I have to say claudio sanchez is one of the greatest musicians of all time. peoople can rag on him all they want but he is freakin awesome. that baby voice is what makes claudio and his bands unique. like the story of coheed and cambria ABSOLUTLEY AMAZING. he is a genius and a wizard of the guitar. in my book no one is better than claudio. EXCEPT god himself.

  2. Its more than the voice, look past it and read the lyrics to the song “Everything Evil” or ” In keeping secrets of silent earth”. Each song is story in the saga, with killer guitars, good beats and a voice so fitting to a dark and breath taking story. Coheed and Cambria are (in my view) the most well put together band of today. Not only are the CDs very good, but live shows are jaw dropping and spectacular. This band is going places, and i couldnt be more satisfied.

  3. ive never come across a band that has changed my life the way coheed and cambria has. the margretville town dance is a totally different style than claudio would usually perform. its techno based with no guitars whatsoever, but it is still an amazing song. claudio does amazing things with music and its breath taking. anyone who would put his music down because he “sounds like a girl” is stupid. his vocal range is amazing and they’re just jealous.

  4. “in my book no one is better than claudio. EXCEPT god himself.” -Anonymousclaudio sanchez IS god.I am seeing the ‘heed in 13 Days. Its their first tour of Aust and I’m one of two people from my school going, my band had a gig on the same day but we cancelled so I could go. It will be so worth it.

  5. Wow, i didnt think anyone would ever post after i did the first time…Coheed and Cambria are amazing, and the same can be said for The Prize Fighter Inferno, Only i wouldnt say that there are no guitars in the music. There has to be at least one guitar in ” the margretville town dance”. “Your Love” is a good song, even though its a cover and isnt really part of the TPFI. Oh well. Lovely day fellow coheed fans. Peace.

  6. i have been listening to coheed since they were shabutie, and they have been my favorite band for so many years now, since almost 96′, thanks to my mom. i’m almost 16 now, and i love coheed, all of their old stuff since even moe & the boogie cats, and beautiful loser. i don’t think coheed gets the recognitio nthey deserve, and its about damn time they get it. i love them, and their music is what makes me, me. thanks guys.see you in alabama friday.//penelope.

  7. I would DIE for claudio, anytime. he is my god, has been for years, and always will be. he has influenced me beyond the point that any other person could ever reach.

  8. Claudio is 100%…No! Wait! 300% Amazing! He is a whicked genius when it comes down to music. At first I laughed at his voice but now I love it! It is unique and that is what makes C&C and now TPI amazing. I hope he continues and I know that the music will keep getting more and more amazing. Thank You Cladio!!!

  9. Hey OMG I never thought I would ever ever find anyone else who was a big Coheed and Cambria fan and to have them especially know the other side bands of Coheed and the bands they were before! I totally agree with everyone that said that Caludio is God becuase he is he is wicked on the guittar and his voice is so soothing I love it! I was so excited when I got to go down and see them in October it was the best show I’ve ever been to and to consider that it was my first concert to WOW it’s was totally awesome! Then when I got to meet Claudio after OMG I don’t think i’ve ever been that excited he signed my stuff and I got my picture taken with him!! I’m a huge Coheed and Cambria fan I have a dragonfly tattooed on my lower back and the Coheed sign tattooed on my upper back I love coheed so much!! I can’t wait until they come back around so that I can go to there concert and there new CD whcih should be coming out next year! Yeah I’m excited 🙂

  10. If you people like Coheed so much and the idea of having a story along with music, each and every one of you should check out the genre of symphonic progressive rock. Bands such as Pink Floyd, King Crimson, Camel, Genesis, Gentle Giant. Any of these, Coheed draws inspiration from all of them.

  11. Claudio is amazing! he is the best musician of all time and anyone who thinks other wise is jealous and needs to go to hell! i’ve seen Co&Ca twice and i thought i died and went to heaven both times. I love Claudio!!!

  12. claudio is a master at his craft. i have spoken to him and his music bleeds into his words. we were actually discussing prizfighter inferno. the voice does a lot for him but it not all that makes the man.

  13. i also want people to know what the story is, you can call yourself a music fan [of coheed’s] yet not a fan of the band, if you have never read the comics.

  14. Coheed and Cambria sucks NUTS!

  15. i love coheed and tpfi, but i think i may kill my self now that coheed broke up. i cant believe it i wont believe it your still coheed to me.

  16. As far as i know , Coheed didnt break up . Claudio is Coheed . The best band ever only really depends on their frontmanTPFI is amazing , a very calm album

  17. Fuck man, Britney would kill for Claudio´s voice… as would Justin T. and some others =PADD musical talent and craftmanship into the mix and well… u know where this is going…(End).{Intrussion}

  18. omg omg omg omg i am so glad i know other who love them as much as me. Something about claudio’s voice, but omg truly truly incredible. Yes, PFI is different in mayn ways, but the vocals are pretty much the same. i got the coheed dvd to day, and i was let down. not by claudio, i just didn’t see the energy in the band like in their first dvd. (live at the hammerstein.) wonder what’s wrong. next time they are in meblourne, i am having an after coheed party, ohh yeaaaa!!!!!

  19. … what? coheed didn’t “break up”, they got the drummer from the dillinger escape plan, which are also an amazing band. as for coheed, they are definately one of the most amazing bands ever, i’ve been listening to them since they first play devil in jersey city, and i’ve been in love ever since. coheed doesn’t just draw inspiration from those prog rock bands either, if you listen closely, you can hear rythmes from bands like the misfits, which is the band that claudio first started playing guitar to, gn’r, and other bands of that time period… they are well round, much like their inspirations, and claudio’s voice is far beyond amazing, but worshiping anyone as a god is completely ludicrous, so, meh. oh, and welcome home is the best song ever… period… end of story… and not only do i completely love that song, now i respect it and listen to it on a different level that i’ve read the comic… i suggest anyone that listens to coheed read the comic, or at least a summary of it, because it really brings you to a deeper meaning and understanding of the lyrics and the tone of the music. even if you don’t like them, you’ll come to appreciate the music. oh, and guy that said coheed sucks… if you didn’t like them, then why the hell are you on this site in the first place? well, coheed rules, its about the only reason i listened to the prizefighter inferno in the first place, and now… i have two favorite bands!

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