Anticipating The Raconteurs

Jack White and Brendan Benson’s band The Raconteurs will be releasing a limited edition single, Steady As She Goes/Store Bought Bones, January 30 thru XL on vinyl only. I hear the album will be out in May. No, I don’t have the single, and I’m not even sure where to pre-order it, but I can hardly wait. Jack and bb are two of my favorite of favorites. So in anticipation, here are a couple of their songs most beloved by me.

Mp3: Emma J – Brendan Benson
The last time I saw bb play, he refused to play Emma J, brushing off our request with, “That’s nice that you know the names of my songs, but I’m not going to play it.” Anyone know why he doesn’t play this live?

Mp3: Metarie – Brendan Benson
I like this version much better than the one he plays with The Wellfed Boys.

Mp3: Hello Operator – The White Stripes
The one that made me really love them.

Mp3: Hotel Yorba (Live in Boston 4/30/03) – TheWhite Stripes
I could never get enough of Jack in his Jackish way saying “Are you ready for that one?” on this track.

buy bb
buy The WS


2 responses to “Anticipating The Raconteurs

  1. Wow. I cannot WAIT for this band. I love Jack White and Brendan Benson. Thank you so much for this exciting news! You’ve made my day.

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