anticipating Coachella

By now I’m sure everyone’s seen the so-far Coachella lineup so. Thanks to Mitch for keeping me continually informed. I didn’t bother reposting the lineup, but I did let it help me decide what to post today. Of the millions of songs I will be crossing my fingers to hear that weekend, here are two.

Mp3: Along For The Ride – Mates of State

Mp3: At The Hop – Devendra Banhart

My favorite fake lineup:


2 responses to “anticipating Coachella

  1. You’ve just been tagged. Check my blog for the rules of engagement.

  2. You have not been tagged by me. Good call on at the hop. I was trying to find a band on your fake lineup that I wouldn’t actually mind seeing. *maybe* R. Kelly, just in the hopes that he would do “pee on you”.Whenever Lauree and I have to introduce ourselves, I tell people that I proposed at a boyz II men concert. You can kind of tell how the relationship is going to go by the way they react.

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