giant polar bears that eat giant candy canes

We might have the next Smoosh on our hands with Shisho, who are sisters Midge (age 5) and Vivian (age 8), and Professor PeuShu (er?). I know it’s not Christmas anymore, but I came across this song the other day and I cannot resist it. It’s not just the clever play on the White Stipes or those tiny lispy background vocals. It’s subtly hilarious. Maybe I just wish I’d been doing this when I was little. Anway, I can’t wait to hear what else they’ve been working on.

Mp3: Get Behind Me Santa – ShiSho


2 responses to “giant polar bears that eat giant candy canes

  1. nice drums. there’s < HREF="" REL="nofollow">this mix <> that includes “my chimney,” a christmas version of “my doorbell” This is what happens when you dress in red and white always.q

  2. Hello this is Midge. (from ShiSho)Thank you for being our friend. We are working on a new song called “Rock n Roll is Here To Stay” PeuShu has to send us it. But thats all. Well, there is a band called Little Fithly Devils (a record label called Filthy Little Angels – dad) They want us to do that song for a project (a Grease Soundtrack Cover Compilation – dad). Well the first song we did was “Punk Rock Boy” which was really really hard… I mean “Punk Rock Girl” The Dead Milkmen did that song, I think… isn’t it? My dad’s writing this. Does anyone like Smoosh? They’re older than us. I like their music!!! I like whatever Vivian likes. I like their song “Bone Daddy.” Actually I have a Barbie named Midge. You can hear “Punk Rock Boy” on our website and I don’t know our website ( – dad). You should read my blog… it’s funny.. ( Oh, just so you know… all that funninessness.. like the “Polar Bear Eats The Candycanes” I did that part… just so you know. It was my birthday… so that was fun. I am 1 2 3 4 5 6… I am six. I have to go now!What was that damage?-Midge(transcribed by dad)

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