dear sufjan, please forgive me. love, jo

I’m sorry I ignored you. I’m sorry that when everyone was posting about you every day I skipped past without reading. I’m sorry that even after I downloaded “Come on! Feel the Illinoise! -Part I: The World’s Columbian Exposition -Part II: Carl Sandburg Visits Me in a Dream” before the album was out and loved it I still didn’t try to hear the rest of the album. I’m sorry I said I would go to your show but didn’t. I’m sorry the first time I listened to Illinois all the way through in order was just three months ago. Does it help that I bought it for my dad for Christmas? I’m sorry that I say your name wrong and won’t switch. And I’m sorry I sing “no cars go” instead of “all things go” when I listen to “Chicago”. I promise to start singing your lyrics to Arcade Fire songs to make up for it.

mp3: Chicago – Sufjan Stevens
mp3: No Cars Go – The Arcade Fire

my favorites from the michigan outtakes:
mp3: Presidents Magistrates – Sufjan Stevens
mp3: Vito’s Ordination Song (demo) – Sufjan Stevens

by request, here are the rest. it’s not like you can buy em, so why not?
mp3: Marching Band – Sufjan Stevens
mp3: Niagara Falls – Sufjan Stevens
mp3: Pickeral Lake – Sufjan Stevens
mp3: Wolverine – Sufjan Stevens

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8 responses to “dear sufjan, please forgive me. love, jo

  1. brilliant stuff i’ve trying to track down these outtakes for ages. any chance of posting the rest? Jaylia Strange

  2. I don’t mean to force guilt, but the b-sides/outtakes of Michigan are available on iTunes.

  3. bless your little cotton socks you’ve made my day Jaylia Strange p.s. as are three unreleased live Eels tracks -if you buy the rest of the Town Hall album from them first!! Well i want to buy a real copy of the new Eels not a download but how then do i get these three tracks?

  4. “i bought a copy for my dad” might be considered a pretty back-handed compliment. i’m thinking of my own dad here…

  5. oh well. shows how much i rely on itunes these days. and for the record, my dad likes good stuff! i wouldn’t be so into music if i hadn’t grown up with him playing great records. anyway.

  6. “I don’t mean to force guilt, but the b-sides/outtakes of Michigan are available on iTunes.”Additionally, the songs are available on the Michigan vinyl which < HREF="" REL="nofollow">you can buy here<>.

  7. “i bought a copy for my dad”… lucky dad. i had to buy my own, and now share it with my son.

  8. i also bought one for my dad! (along with 3 others for myself with the superman on the front)

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