nouveau tahiti 80

Out of nowhere the other day I thought to myself, where are Tahiti 80? I did a little research and it looks like they have been busy. Now I like them, but Asians are crazy for them. So of course the Japanese get all these singles and extra tracks and love. They have already toured there with the new album Fosbury. This album has yet to be released in the states. I was very interested to hear some of it when I read on the website that the same sound engineers for N.E.R.D and Outkast finished things up for them. From what I have heard these men have had an impact… for the good. Here is one from the new album titled “Changes” and a couple older ones just in case you have been missing out on this utterly enjoyable french synth-pop.

mp3: Tahiti 80 – Changes
mp3: Tahiti 80 – 1,000 Times
mp3: Tahiti 80 – Heartbeat (Cornelius Remix)


2 responses to “nouveau tahiti 80

  1. Dave Rawkblog

    what a great band.

  2. The links don’t work really proper.

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