i’m a robot, i’m gonna talk like a robot

A nice little triptych of songs today with one theme: ROBOTS!! We all wish we had one. We will probably be replaced by one. And who doesn’t like to dance like one? Your first bot today, “Dirty Robot” by Arling & Cameron. I went through a real thing with this duo a while back and had totally forgotten how good this song is. You know how it is, she’s human and he’s a robot and they just can’t seem to make it work, tale as old as time really.

mp3: Arling & Cameron – Dirty Robot

Bot #2: Robots In Disquise tune Postcards From. Sue and Dee are some crazy girls (see photo). This is one of those songs that gets better and better with each listen. The whole self-titled album is enjoyable, songs about d.i.y. and fighting and transformers and boys, but there are a few amazing songs like this that are totally unexpected. mp3: Robots In Disguise – Postcards From

The last mp3 bot for today is the Egoexpress Mix of “Heart of Plastic” by Rocko Schamoni. Picture this: so this robot is totally into you but lacks the feelings necessary to deal with your relationship but wants to try and give it a go… this is possibly the song that your robot would perform to let you know how it feels. Frankly, if a robot turned this out I would probably give it a go for a while. Sidenote: I can’t get enough of this poster for a party that I assume Rocko is peforming or dj-ing at, so clever.

mp3: Rocko Schamoni – Heart of Plastic (Egoexpress Mix)


5 responses to “i’m a robot, i’m gonna talk like a robot

  1. i am glad to see that someone over the big lake finally discovers the genius of rocko schamoni. not only he is one of the greatest entertainer in germany`s music and art underground, he also is a man with strong political values who always had a very ironic approach to art and politics. the picture is not as you might assume a poster for a dj party but for a real election campaign. rocko was the frontrunner of the party which actually started a pisstake and drew lots of media attention. after he lost the election (which was predictable) he stepped back from all political charges…matt

  2. man oh man. more political posters like that and i’d be campaign fool.

  3. dear anonymous from over the big lake… thanks for the info about the poster. Rocko is even more fascinating than I thought. I will have to do some more research. Thanks again.

  4. dirk no wonder you were getting the political vibe from the poster. we’d figured the translation was “for a future with future.” someone who knows, is that accurate?

  5. What about “Robots” by TV on the Radio? That would be a nice addition… but then it wouldn’t be the nice triptych that it is.

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