stay just the same

Based only on the order of the bands listed in the lineup, I’ve got it in my head that Ladytron and Clap Your Hands Say Yeah will be going head to head in the same time slot at Coachella… which will force us to make the difficult decision of who to miss and create a rift in our Coachella entourage in which I choose CYHSY and Dirk chooses Ladytron and then we see where’s everyone’s loyalties lie and somehow someone has to win cause now it’s a showdown but the only way someone wins is if the bands themselves actually brawl, not that I want a fight to happen but someone should pay for us having to choose. I hate decisions. I do not hate that I will finally get to see CYHSY. I have been listening to the D.C. show from a few weeks ago and every once in the while the vocals and between-song guitar playing reminds me of Jack White which I wouldn’t have thought but isn’t a bad thing. Apparently they will start recording the new record next month. Live recordings of some new songs have been circulating, but these are a couple I hadn’t heard before. I’ve got the whole show chopped up into mp3s so if you want them let me know and I can put it all up. Who would win a CYHSY/Ladytron rumble anyway? I’m not so sure. I know Jack could take both, all on his own.

mp3: Clap Your Hands Say Yeah – The Sword Song (Live at the 9:30 Club)
I’m just assuming that’s what this song is called based on the set list.

mp3: Clap Your Hands Say Yeah – some new thing (Live at the 9:30 Club)
This is a short little thing, dunno what it’s called.

mp3: Ladytron – Playgirl
Just one of my faves.

mp3: The White Stripes – Death Letter/Motherless Children (Live in Boston)
Better than the album version.


2 responses to “stay just the same

  1. damn jo nice run on sentence

  2. The whole show in mp3 would indeed be a nice thing 🙂

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