libint=your new favorite

Here’s a little treat I’ve been listening to a lot lately. This is Libbie Linton: scientist by day, musical ninja by night. Do not be fooled by whatever you might assume when you see a girl and her guitar. She can be intense–not in an angry or sad way, but in a break the strings cause I’m so real way. Sincere and unaffected, with a charmingly idiosyncratic voice, she’s been told that the influence of Sufjan can be heard in her songs, each of which stands alone as a solid piece. Be excited because her debut, The Shackleton EP, is available very soon. And if you’re in the area, see her at Kilby Court in Salt Lake this Wednesday for somewhat of a cd release party. These are two tracks I just haven’t been able to get away from:

mp3: Libbie Linton – What’s Left
mp3: Libbie Linton – Kitsch

For info on the show, how to get the cd, etc:


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