Butcher Boy

My friend/resident-expert-in-all-things-Glaswegian Mitch recently introduced me to Butcher Boy, who are so indie I don’t even have a picture of them for you. Her description: “it’s like morrissey meets b&s w/ a little bit of beautiful south.” Who can resist that? And singer John Hunt has a beautiful voice. Butcher Boy were recently signed and have a full-length due in November. In the mean time there’s more to listen to on myspace.

mp3: Butcher Boy – Arbor Day

In related listening, Camera Obscura’s Let’s Get Out Of This Country came out this week and I can’t get past track one it’s so good. I’d imagined she was singing to a proverbial Lloyd Dobler, but no, it’s Lloyd Cole.

mp3: Camera Obscura – Lloyd, I’m Ready To Be Heartbroken


3 responses to “Butcher Boy

  1. Get past the first track, and you’ll be stuck on the utterly beautiful Country Mile.

  2. yeah! that’s my next favorite.

  3. I’ve got an mp3 of Camera Obscura’s cover of Supertrouper and an acoustic version of Hey Lloyd over at http://www.xfmscotland.co.uk/messageboard/default.asp?sub=show&action=topics&fid=765

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