I was reminded tonight of the rumored release of Salute Your Shorts (featuring one Blake Soper aka Blake Sennett of Rilo Kiley & The Elected) on dvd. A little check on Amazon revealed that though they have a listing, it is “not yet released” and will not be for the foreseeable future. That this makeshift listing even exists tells me that apparently someone at Amazon has seen the online petition to get the show on dvd and darn it they’ll be ready when it happens. Further exploration revealed that Amazon is also aware of the demand for but knows of no plans for the production of: Roundhouse, Are You Afraid Of The Dark, and You Can’t Do That On Television. (However, they give no indication that Hey Dude ever existed.) From there it is a slippery slope and I find that Clarissa Explains It All, Thundercats, Rainbow Brite, and of course the He-Man and She-Ra Christmas Special are all available on dvd. I’m stopping now before I become a walking I Love the 80’s rerun. Ugh. I promise a return to remix tuesday in the morning.

mp3: Rilo Kiley – Salute My Shorts!


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