Pants on fire kind of liar

Ever been lied to and then wrote a song about it? Well… these groups have. I first heard of Devics from their Distant Radio ep and was very glad to finally have a whole lp. Lie To Me is the first track off of Push The Heart. If you like this song you will thoroughly enjoy the album in its entirety. As an added bonus to a post about liarfaces, I share with you the Puck Version of The Cardigans‘ Lovefool. Slower, more sad and pay attention to the ending… such a good finish.

mp3: Devics – Lie To Me
mp3: The Cardigans – Lovefool (Puck Version)


One response to “Pants on fire kind of liar

  1. This site is awesome! Your taste is impeccable, really, immaculate! Thanks for turning me on to bands I wouldn’t have found otherwise! You’ve got one of the best mp3blogs out there- keep up the good work!

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