i fought in a whir

This is The Niro. You may be familiar with A Century of Covers, the Belle & Sebastian tribute album (available in its entirety at kirstenspostcard.com). Well I’ve only heard the first 7 tracks because that’s when I got to The Niro’s version of “I Fought In A War” that I just played over and over. First of all, he’s got this awkward but seductive accent and if you had to guess where he’s from, you couldn’t. Okay you probably could but I couldn’t. (It’s Rome, Italy. What? Something not from Scandinavia?) And his voice is amazing and enchanting and he does this little non-annoying vibrato thing sometimes. Listen to some of his own stuff at The Niro’s myspace and you’ll find he’s not just a pretty voice. Someone get this man a label and get me an album!

mp3: The Niro – I Fought In A War (Belle & Sebastian cover)

mp3: The Niro – Cruel



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