New Favorite Swedish Hip Hop: Snook

I was inclined to apoligize for lauding yet another Swedish act, but I won’t since it’s not my bias so much as there really is an abundance of amazing stuff happening in Sweden these days. But who’d have thought Swedish would sound so good rapped? Recently while watching the MTV Europe Awards a micro clip of the Best Swedish Artist, Snook, caught our attention. I gather they’re quite popular in Sweden but don’t have intentions of exporting themselves to the U.S. That their lyrics and website are all in Swedish keeps them a bit of a mystery but not being able to understand them might even add to their allure. Hmm, maybe someone should advise K-Fed to start performing in Swedish.

Of all Snook’s videos I’ve seen, this one for “Snook, svett & tårar” is my favorite. It’s also the first single from their album Är that was released in Spring. This album isn’t weak on beats, but that’s not the selling point. Neither are the clever lyrics, since I have no idea what they are and just have to assume they’re clever. But I can tell from the rhythms and sounds they create, whatever they mean, that they really are talented rappers.

mp3: Snook – Hip Hop
buy snook at itunes


5 responses to “New Favorite Swedish Hip Hop: Snook

  1. Yeah they are nice a group!The smaller guy with purple buttons on his jacket won the swedish championship in freestyle battle two years in a row…

  2. good to know. no wonder big danne is my favorite.

  3. I’m a proud swede 🙂

  4. Hey um i have been learning swedish by my self. I need some help. If you have voice chat. Can you help me? (Must Know English) I want to go to Sweden and i cannot because i wont be able to speak Swedish!

  5. Im from sweden and I love snook!!

    cool music video

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