oh well oh well oh well

There are a million music blogs out there but only a choice few I still check on a regular basis after all this time. My intention is not really to do what they do. I’ve been rethinking this whole blogging thing recently, wondering to myself what my objective and intended audience has become. I couldn’t really answer that question, so I’m sort of starting over. One of my main reasons for doing this whole thing in the first place was to share my daily obsessions with my friends spread all over, and I want to get back to that. But without limiting myself to just talk of music. So things here are going to be changing up a bit. There will still be lots of mp3s, but plenty of other stuff too. We’ll just see where it goes.

Blah blah. That said, what I really want to tell you about is how my Jack and Meg USB drives came the other day! (3,333 were produced with the new album on it in Apple Lossless.) I was being a purist and avoiding all the streams and leaks and waiting until they arrived to listen to Icky Thump at all. I should have known they’d ship late and just bought the CD on release day.

So it was a pretty exciting day, what with these little adorable flash drive dollies and listening to what I was sure would be a better album than Get Behind Me Satan. And I believe it is. The Whites will never be as innocent and childlike as they fancied themselves in the beginning, as seems clear in “Little Cream Soda.” But they can evolve and still give me silly banter and raw blues slide guitar, so I’m happy.

mp3: The White Stripes – Party Of Special Things To Do


One response to “oh well oh well oh well

  1. Welllllcooommmeee back! My co-worker got Icky Thump on a printed vinyl — so, so slick looking.

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