Stars hate Utah

Stars announced their US tour dates and they’re not coming to Salt Lake. Or Boise. Or Vegas. boo.

Update: I already have to forgive Stars because they’ve done the smartest thing in music I’ve seen in a while. Their new album In Our Bedroom After the War, not officially out until September 25, is available for legal download now, just days after they finished it. And you better believe I immediately paid my 10 dollars. Their full explanation at their myspace. [via Stereogum]

Buy it now from Arts & Crafts.

mp3: Stars – The Night Starts Here

Hopefully the rest of the music industry is paying attention and will clue in to the kinds of changes they need to make that won’t actually alienate us, unlike the liner notes of the new Interpol album that tells me I can’t even lend my cd to a friend.


One response to “Stars hate Utah

  1. stars! my favorite…and yes, you introduced me-thank you for that.

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