Libertine at Target

Libertine’s line for Target’s GO collections hit stores yesterday and of course I had to check it out right away. I have to say, I’m impressed. Especially after the big disapointment that the last designer line from Patrick Robinson was. The finishing and details, often lacking when it comes to the mass budget designer collections, is surprisingly good this time around (cute rose buttons, no unfinished edges). And although the skulls and whales theme is a bit too J. Crew meets Hot Topic for me, there is a good range of excellent pieces where Libertine’s preppy-punk thing works like its supposed to, like big creepy birds and trees on jackets and tees. A few of my favorite items: a pin-tucked and peter pan collared blouse, a striped and suspendered vest, and a bibbed shirtdress. And they seem to roll out new stuff over the course of the 2 months that the line is available, so keep your eyes peeled. Much more, including bermudas, minis, and trenches, at


One response to “Libertine at Target

  1. And still, abosulutely NO styling for men. I guess I should just be content with graphic tees about having bigger nuts than a squirrel, and a standard pair of Merona slacks. Thanks Tarjay!

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