new ‘do

I’ve always LOVED Kiki Dee in the video for Don’t Go Breakin’ My Heart with Elton John. Those teeth, those peach overalls, and especially that shiny overgrown bowl cut.

mp3: Elton John & Kiki Dee – Don’t Go Breakin’ My Heart

For a while now my stylist Mel and I have been joking about giving me a bowl cut, but I could never pull off a Karen O.So the other day Mel gave me what she named the methadone bowl. What you get when you can’t have the real thing.(We tried to get a good side shot, but I was real sleepy and looked drugged, so Dirk just made me close my eyes.)


2 responses to “new ‘do

  1. I remember this song and another by Elvin Bishop called Fool Around and Fell in Love back in the 70’s at a outdoor public pool that used to play music on one of those public address systems. Those songs take me back their when I hear them now. Those are fond memories.

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