the chillens

Oddly this past week I spent a lot of time with young kids not at all having to do with work. While I could go days without even noticing a child, lately there’s been the niece, friends’ kidzes, and lil cousins all over. I even got to play with two of my lil cuz’s superhero personas, Ood and Tood. Well, sometimes they are Ev and Tev. Or Little Guy and Big Guy, who’s powers are getting littler and getting bigger, respectively. The best was when they honored me with a name too. They offered Cood, Toia, Quibbus, and Medium Guy, but I think we settled on Peb. I’m not yet sure what Peb’s power is though.

Also my mom suggests there’s a resemblance between Kewpie and Benjamin. Think?


4 responses to “the chillens

  1. O, Peb! Your powers are too many to enumerate! I have got to learn not to read you after everyone else is asleep: every time I look at Kewpie vs. Benjamin my guffaws are threatening to wake up the entire house!

  2. All right, all right, I’ll get him a haircut!

  3. no don’t! i love it!

  4. that mischievous grin is a perfect match, and Benjamin almost has that naked thing going on too!

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