it’s official!

In one month I’ll be in Scotland at the wedding of the year. Think Mylo’d be my date?


4 responses to “it’s official!

  1. …if you sneak away from the reception you could see Butcher Boy on their home turf….Been enjoying your rejuvenated blog!Basil

  2. oh that’s evil! and a butcher boy reads my blog? garsh.

  3. Or you could wait for John to come down and DJ later on. Mitch and I were a bit disappointed that we’re missing the gig to get hitched, but happy that we’ll be back in London the following weekend to see them! Woot! On another tack, I see you have Pinback listed as upcoming in SLC- they’re apparently going to be supported by Frightened Rabbit who are AMAZING! Like Butcher Boy amazing. Only, they don’t sound like Butcher Boy. But they are both amazing!

  4. niall thanks for the tip on frightened rabbits. i like. will def try to make it to that show now! p.s. i finally wrote you back on mitch’s myspace.

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