I could watch factory videos forever, as I am reminded when Unwrapped is on today. A couple months ago on YouTube I found the old Sesame Street video of how crayons are made that has stayed with so many of us since childhood. Do they still show this clip on Sesame Street? If I’m ever punished with having to watch one video clip over and over for all of eternity, I’d choose this one, and it’d be no punishment. There is nothing more perfect than brand new crayons. But I’m curious, has anyone ever found a better crayon than Crayola?

So I want there to be a factory internship program where factories around the country allow people like Clara and me to go work there for a week or a month or something, just for the experience. I might actually pay to be able to do this, especially if the music from this video played in the factory. Clara thinks there would be union issues. I’m sure someone out there can take care of this for us. In the mean time, get a factory fix from Mister Rogers’ picture picture.

In my obsessiveness I just now found this next video. I am freaking out. I probably haven’t seen it since age 5, but every so often I’m still compelled to sing, “me and my llama, goin to the dentist today-ay-ay-ay” but nobody else remembers this video from Sesame Street. See, I am not making it up! But where was this girl keeping a llama in NYC?

Oh man this opens up endless and dangerous possibilities. Maybe I can find that ramen factory video that I blame for my quest for the perfect Chinese noodle…


5 responses to “flashback

  1. How is it that you read my mind? Did we talk about this? I was just a few days trying to explain to someone why the Crayon video is so amazing. And after talking about it, I kept thinking about how I needed to get on YouTube and watch it. It is a very important part of my childhood. Oh the crayon video…

  2. beautiful. i have long professed that the crayon factory bit is the best segment of television ever produced. ever. and, i totally remember “me and my llama.” can i forgive the bad grammar? i suppose i’ve been known to split an infinitive or two. let him who is without sin….

  3. Oh you children of the 80’s, you think sesame street made you what you are today. But really it’s your mothers who rock.

  4. yes mom, you do rock. sesame street did not make me green milk on st. patrick’s day. sesame street did not teach me how to play the piano or efficiently load a dishwasher, and it certainly did not sew me a cat suit, a mermaid tail, or a queen’s gown.

  5. Hi Jo. It’s JD’s sister. Just stopped by to say you are cool. Your post raises some really great questions. I have yet to find a better crayon than Crayola. And I believe I would also love to work there, with my ipod. Libbie, so you like crayons? I had no idea.

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