ok ok aha ha

I haven’t been able to kneel since Saturday when I wonkified my knee with some intense dancing at Jory‘s housewarming. I think it was worth it though, I was overdue for some good cavorting and good music. And I have it all figured out. Jory, next time let’s dance a routine to this. For serious.

mp3: Hadouken! – Tuning In (H! Re-Rub)

This is the track I’ve been obsessed wth from the Kitsune Maison 4 mix. I can’t get over the yeah, yeah, yeah- yeah- yeah- yeah…’s. Although when I really listen to it, as a girl it’s a bit off-putting–unless of course they’re being ironic. Eh, just as long as it makes me dance. See Kate Mosh for a little intro to Hadouken.

An aside, at first the vocals reminded me a bit of Robbie Williams, so of course then I had to watch the Rock DJ video. Back in the day, I recorded it from tv onto vhs and for a month forced everyone who came over to watch it despite their protests. I’ll spare you the YouTube this time, but watch it here. If you’ve never seen this classic it’s a must. Hot and grod.

While we’re at it, if you’re willing to give up an email address, you can get a free Hadouken mixtape over at hadouken.co.uk, featuring the likes of Bloc Party, Wiley, Uffie, Mr. Oizo, The Klaxons, Fox n Wolf, etc.


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