who the heck is TTC

Ugh. Hot is who they is. Maybe it’s the beats, maybe it’s the French.

mp3: Modeselektor – 2000007 (featuring TTC)

I had to search them out after I got A ddict ed to the syncopated, repetitive track they’re featured on on Modeselektor’s Happy Birthday! It blew me away sorta like Snook did with the whole euro hip hop thing, though I also associate the two because I understand French about as well as I understand Swedish. Their hip hop is as much electro, maybe like Justice with five gnarly rappers. A good read on TTC is PFork’s review of their second to last album. They recommend plugging lyrics into Google Translate and alas, it is quite entertaining.

mp3: TTC – Quand Je Claque Des Doigts

TTC released 3615 earlier this year, get it here.


One response to “who the heck is TTC

  1. Yeah! I love TTC. They’ve been around for a while, it’s good that they’re getting some foreign exposure now! They deserve it! Foreign music is always good because it’s all about the music and the lyrics don’t matter!

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