boog swamich

Seeing a McDonalds (or something) commercial showing a biscuit last night triggered a memory. I was no older than 8, in the car on the way to my dad’s firm party with the whole fam. We were having a contest to see who could come up with the grossest thing. I only recall Mom‘s: you have a warm, fluffy roll sliced in half but instead of putting butter on it, you spread yellow boogers all over it. Probably at that point I made a joke about the boy in my grade who everyone called Pic-n-Save because he picked his nose a lot and allegedly saved the boogers in his pockets for later eating. He grew up to be a child molester.


2 responses to “boog swamich

  1. I think you are making this up. The part about me and the roll. The part about the child molester is real.

  2. come on. i’m not that creative and i’m a bad liar.

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