Project Runway notes: Ep 1

I’ve been meaning to post a little commentary of last night’s Project Runway. We had a little viewing where we had streusel in honor of Heidi Klum, chips, salsa, and guacamole in honor of Nina Garcia (ok so she’s Columbian but at least we got Hispanic) and there was going to be nothing in honor of Michael Kors since I can’t stand him or his clothes until I found the fresh cored pineapple in my fridge. So we had no cores but not no Kors. Wa ha. And in reponse to Brittany’s comment, I think that woman who measures with her hands (Elisa) is a nutter! Just for the sake of being a nutter. Oh man. Clearly the decision to keep her was at the behest of the producers. She’ll keep me entertained until they can’t justify keeping her any more. My favorite outfit was Christian’s ruffly plaid thing even though he kinda makes me crazy. Everything about it is very now. I also can’t wait to see what else Sweet P will do. And something about Marion was a bit sheepish and I’m very curious to see more of him. (Also, he’s from Tyler, Texas, home of Eisley.) You can rate the runway looks at PR’s website, if the internet isn’t already sucking enough of your time away.


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