Tonight in SLC

Of Montreal play tonight in Salt Lake City. I’d like to introduce you to the openers so you can make an educated decision on whether you make sure to catch them or miss them.

digi indie rock with experimental roots
Will be opening up for Fiery Furnaces during December
quote: “Kids are going to be inheriting their parents MP3 collections. And, in that aesthetic, corrupted MP3 files will be like the way people glorify scratched-up records now. In 20 years, people will listen to these 30th generation MP3s and say, ‘I love that sound!'”
mp3: MGMT – Kids

hometown: Pittsburgh
sound: goofy electro hip hop
fact: Have been together 11 years
quote: “We’re also not down with ‘white’ when it’s used as a stylistic description. All music with a fucking backbeat is rooted in black/African music. When journalists describe Aerosmith, they don’t say ‘white rock and roll.’”
mp3: Grand Buffet – Cool Treasure

In conclusion, a random Of Montreal cover.
mp3: Elekibass – Springtime is the Season (of Montreal cover)


One response to “Tonight in SLC

  1. If you miss MGMT, you’ll be kicking yourself someday because when they’re HUGE (which they will be) you won’t be able to say, I saw them when they were just young kids opening for Of Montreal. Time to PRetend and Electric Feel are amazing songs.

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