oh this weather

It’s happened. This morning I woke up to whiteness outside. The thing about Utah that makes me most sad is the cold. I’d rather take the hot summer year round. You’re all going to be surprised when you find out that heaven is actually a disco inferno and hell is an ice castle. The snow is pretty and all, I just wish it wasn’t frozen. Well, it’s less pretty out the view of my bedroom window. The other day that grafitti appeared. And that white house in the middle in the distance sometimes make me think I’m in a Save the Children commercial because of the shack in the yard and shirtless African (they really might be refugees) children often in the doorway that may not have an actual door. If we zoomed in we’d see who’s in that doorway now. I used to think my view was depressing but now I quite like it. Sometimes that warehousey building on the left gets visitors that drive up to the broken windows (that you can’t see in the photo) like it’s a weed drive-thru. Sometimes the garage door just to the right of that graffiti is open and old mechanical things tumble out. Sometimes a dude in a jumpsuit or a girl with a puppy walks out by that firewood for a smoke. I have no idea what all of this adds up to. What is going on in my neighborhood?

As I delayed going out into the cold, this actually came up on my Poddette.

mp3: Patrick Wolf – This Weather


2 responses to “oh this weather

  1. oooh, Brenda (who will also be on my disc) just turned me on to Patrick Wolf.Actually, i think this song might be her pick!Jory

  2. How can you not love your view when your grafitti says “love life”? (And by golly, there really is somebody in that doorway!)

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