bow ho

Several weeks ago I was at my mom’s house when her Time magazine arrived and we a freaked out. Her dream and my dream, the classic Ferragamo pump in all the colors, was on the cover. This is the perfect shoe, timeless and comfy. I remember my mom wearing it in navy for all my youth, and I’ve been searching for a good knock-off since I can’t quite afford the real thing right now. So what did I find last week?
I had to refrain from getting the hot pink and white ones as well. They were a total steal, on sale and at about 1/15th the cost of the real thing, but still from a quality maker I know and trust. Not shopping for myself during the holidays is not happening this year.

mp3: Jenny Wilson – Let My Shoes Lead Me Forward


3 responses to “bow ho

  1. Where is this “quality maker you know and trust”?pk

  2. they’re made by dolce vita and i got them at tj maxx.

  3. “tj maxx”of course, where else! 🙂pk

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