Crashing the Freemasons

Thanks to my friend Adam’s curiosity and my Googling skills, on Friday we ended up at the only Masonic event other than funerals that are open to the public, the annual Installation of Officers, at the Salt Lake City Masonic Temple. I don’t really understand the whole Freemason thing, so I was pretty excited to get a peek at it and see the inside of the building I’ve always wondered about when I drive by. Here it is, as stolen from the Wasatch Lodge website. I was a bit nervous when we in our jeans walked into a half full auditorium of gowns, tuxes, and those Masonic loincloths. In fact, I think I whispered, “I’m scared” which they all probably heard with the acoustics of the vaulted fake night sky ceiling. I mean, the website said “open to the public” but clearly, everyone there was either a Mason, the wife/girlfriend of a Mason, or a good friend of a Mason who was told to wear a suit. For all I knew they would think we were Gormagons and would defend themselves with a sacrificial ritual. Turns out the only two people who talked to us the whole night were a guy I’d guess was the janitor who was real suspicious of us, and an awesome old mustachioed man who tried to recruit Beau–Adam’s roommate who came for provide moral support. The ceremony itself was full of flowery language and rituals of the not so scandalous variety and now I understand Freemasonry slightly more than before. The inside of the temple was amazing, and I would have taken more photos if I hadn’t been so scared, but this one of Beau and Adam was all I got.This sort of makes up for all those times growing up that Adam’s dad promised but never did take us to visit to the Jehovas Witness’ Kingdom Hall on a Sunday.


5 responses to “Crashing the Freemasons

  1. I don’t believe you did this. Acually, I do. And I’m proud of you. Who is Adam and did his dad really promise to take you to visit the Jehovah’s Witness kingdom hall?

  2. dad, that’s adam billings. and yes, eric did tell us several times that he would take us to church at the kingdom hall instead of teach us sunday school sometime.

  3. If you were so curious, why not as someone while you were there?

  4. Hi I have to say that if you would have approached an officer of the Lodge he would have given you a tour of the building and answered most if not all of your questions.Masons, contrary to your viewpoint are usually very friendly and open people. They enjoy discussing the public activities they have in the community where they live.I’m surprised you didn’t run into a relative during your ‘Crash’ Happy Holidays and Seasons Greetings…ct/RWGS MWPHGL, F&AM, Province of Ontario and Jurisdiction.

  5. gosh i didn’t mean to imply i had a negative impression of any of our experience. certainly i could have been less shy, but we seemed very out of place and it felt like imposing on a celebration, so i didn’t want to bother anyone with dumb stuff. this whole visit wasn’t too premeditated–i had zero expectations about the whole thing and my wonderment hadn’t even been formulated into specific questions in my mind. overall my impression was that these were great people and the rooms in the building were beautiful. i’m sure there will be more chances for learning more.

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