A few weeks ago when I saw “Enchanted” I just kept thinking, I would totally see a movie where Amy Adams and Kristen Wiig’s play sisters. Couldn’t that be perfectly hilarious?


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  1. Hey Jo! It’s Erica from D.T. I love reading your blog. I’m pretty intimidated by your sewing ability though. It’s impressive. I love Project Runway as well though I have no personal sense of style I live through the designers. Love it!

  2. Hi Jo! I love your blog! And your wrapping paper! And all the Joanna songs! Love love love! love, Stephanie (your favorite aunt)

  3. I was watching Junebug yesterday and I was thinking “Who is it that Amy Adams is totally reminding me of right now…Who is it that Amy Amads is totally remind me of right now?” over and over and then I realized: Kristen Wiig! When she plays the 1upper!Thanks to this post, I don’t feel so alone in the world anymore.

  4. Tell me you saw Amy host SNL a while back when they did a whollllle thing about how they look the same . . . Please?

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