2007 Besties

True to an old nickname–Procras (because at Columbia I put off all my assignments till the last day) I have left my review of the music of 2007 until 2008. Oh well. On with it.

The year in music was a bit underwhelming, so if this post is as well, it’s 2007, not me. I’m the victim. Year end lists are hard, I would only feel mine is legitimate if I had heard every single release this year. But here are some of my Besties of the year anyway.

Best Artist I Want To Be Friends With:
Becky Stark/Lavendar Diamond

Best Craft Project Idea Inspired By An Encounter:
Sewing Lo-Fi-Fnk dolls after meeting Lo-Fi-Fnk
They are so asking for it. I’ll let you know when they’re born.

Best Show:
Arcade Fire with LCD Soundsystem
at Thanksgiving Point, September 26

Best Songs For Putting On Repeat:
Of Montreal – The Past Is A Grotesque Animal
Stars – Take Me To The Riot

Best Remix:
The Knife – Marble House (Rex The Dog Remix)

Best Big Release That Should Have Been Better (four-way tie):
Rilo Kiley, Under the Blacklight
The Shins, Wincing the Night Away
Interpol, Our Love To Admire
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Some Loud Thunder
Before you get all naysayey, I do like these albums, but maybe I liked the bands too much because I just expected more.

Best Unexpected Find:
Dúné, We Are In There, You Are Out Here

Best Deserves The Hype:
Feist, The Reminder

Best Mix Album:
Royksopp’s Back To Mine
Best Album of 2007, as determined my iTunes play counts,
even beating out all the Swedes:
Kings Of Leon, Because of the Times

Best Album Runners Up:
Loney, Dear, Loney, Noir

M.I.A, Kala

Bodies of Water, Ears Will Pop and Eyes Will Blink

Spew! If I think about it any longer, I’ll revise this list to death, like actually Of Montreal had one of the top albums too. But let’s just be done and move on to the new year, where I’ve already found the ultimate bestie of 08. That’ll be for next time.


2 responses to “2007 Besties

  1. OK! So I have been listening to Kala NON STOP since it dropped, and I’ve lways been like “Ohhhhhh does Jo even know? She must. SHE MUST.”PS I feel like it has been FOREVER since we hung out!

  2. jory jory dayne! it’s true! come to slc!

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