Does Steve Jobs know Voodoo?

The same day Apple announced the iPhone firmware update, my Palm Treo started freaking out. Now it pretty much doesn’t work at all and nothing will fix it. I promised myself I would get an iPhone as soon as the 2nd generation came out, but it looks like that is not happening in the foreseeable future, and now they’ve enabled sending multiple texts at once. So there’s an iPhone in my online shopping cart, ready to roll… do I just do it?

update: I did it! And now I want to have babies with my iPhone. Thanks for the push, Kurt.


One response to “Does Steve Jobs know Voodoo?

  1. You don’t know me because I’m still lurking. I have two friends with iPhones and they lurve them mightily. If you’re seriously ready to pull the trigger on the money, you should go for it because iPhones rock.

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