Sundance: Take 3.5

I have never been more memserized by a moving picture than I was by Paradise, a short film that screened before Strangers at Sundance. This is why it was so important to be able to watch Neftlix online, and why I had to wait to post about it after I could watch it again (and again and again…)

Chinese artist Yi Zhou made this 3 minute animated film which Sundance describes thusly:

Based on Dante’s The Divine Comedy, this lyrical look at an imaginary paradise is based on black-and-white nature, insects, and no human souls in the landscape.

It depicts a nature’s paradise, but with shapes and movements more extranatural or fantastical. The music editing adds to the suspension of time and reality, but I also couldn’t help but imagine if darker possibilities lie just outside what was depicted on film.

This is an absolute must see for everyone! Watch it and other Sundance shorts here on Netflix. Supposedly it’s available on iTunes, but I can’t find it with the the other Sundance shorts. Check iTunes for yourself.


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