yes yes yes, and thrice yes

I’ve finished the 8th and last (so far) book in the Georgia Nicolson series I mentioned the other day, which means I have to read actual grown up literature until the next one comes out. Or at least until July 25th when the first movie comes out! Katie clued me in to today–joy of joys. Below’s the trailer, keep in mind this is based on a book for teens. But who doesn’t love a good high schooly movie? 10 Things I Hate About You? Clueless? Classics, I tell you. Not to mention the 80s. Add the British and you’ve got a winner. Now, in the first book we’re being introduced to her world, and as the books progress and you get to know the characters and their history better so things get much more entertaining. By book 8 I was laughing out loud with every page. Perhaps the movies will follow a similar pattern, so my disclaimer is, if this one doesn’t turn out to be as great as we thought, the rest are bound to get better and better. And if you’re a little tempted to read these, know that you can get through one in a few hours, so what have you got to lose?


One response to “yes yes yes, and thrice yes

  1. I’ll have to check them out. I am always up for a good read…and I have to keep myself busy till Breaking Dawn comes out!

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