Once @ The Oscars

I always watch the Oscars, but with a dash of spite because I don’t think the process necessarily represents how films should get recognized, but we won’t go into that. Tonight, what pleasure it was to see Marketa Irglova and Glen Hansard, with the same ratty guitar that we saw him perform with feet away at Sundance last year, sing”Falling Slowly” from Once

…and then take the win! After getting cut off early, Marketa gives a touching speech.

And to top it all off, howabout news that The Swell Season–Glen & Marketa–are touring and coming to the Depot in Salt Lake on May 2. I just hope it’s early enough that I can get myself over to the Urban Lounge in time to see Cut Copy.

Once is a beautiful film that I would recommend for EVERYONE, whether you’re a music and film freak or not.

mp3: The Swell Season – Falling Slowly


4 responses to “Once @ The Oscars

  1. I thought Marketa’s little speech was sweet too. And it was way cool that they gave her a chance to come back out.

  2. What amazing news! I’ve been anticipating them to come through SLC, and am so excited you heard this! Can’t wait to hear more!

  3. hello there.totally off the post topic but i love the towels you embroidered, so cool. i just caught up on like 10 of your posts and am in love with them.

  4. You and I have oscar karma – I posted last night on my blog that their performance and speeches were my fave part of the night! I Love that movie!

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