dear internet,

i am lost. my compy is at the doctor, longer than promised. get your geniuses on straight, apple. a minor issue, the sound, so actually a major issue por moi. and i am ill about the sad old pc i sit in front of temporarily. so the blog break continues.


5 responses to “dear internet,

  1. booooh!

  2. Mike and Shelby

    sooooo sad! isosorry!

  3. Your pain is our pain. Also, pcs are the sux0r.

  4. i feel your pain, my internet only works every other time i try to get on…mermaid dishtowels?!?!? you must post pics when you are done, i can’t wait to see them! and do you have a pattern?

  5. more on embroidery… has some fun looking stuff. i like to look there for ideas and then copy them. those mermaids that you are doing look super cool, i think i might have to get some of the patterns and copy you.

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