I would eat a fish eye [no I wouldn’t]

Nothing like talking about famous people to boost the blog traffic. I could just stop blogging now and leave that last post at the top forever. Nah. I’ll try to drum up some more interesting news. Oh, the other day I did help out on a little art project for the movie. When it comes out and you see some sadcore fashion illustrations from the mother character, you can say you know the girl who colored those. Oooh yeah, it’s the big time here, mister. We visited the movie offices/set to drop off the illustrations and I could have stayed for hours going through the costumes, props, and artwork being prepared. I’m hoping to bump into Jennifer Coolidge one of these days. In the mean time, I have to act like all the movie stuff is not totally impressive and refrain from taking pictures like a gawker, but then gush to you, internet, while still being discreet and not giving away locations and stuff.

If my plan to woo Jemaine falls through, I have other friends whose coattails I can ride to stardom, you know. Remember my dj gig with 1/4 of Franz Ferdinand? If all else fails I will make Niall hire me out to all the Glaswegian bands as a backup dancer. Somewhere on that list will be Correcto, which Niall sent me recently but I couldn’t tell you about because of that whole ill laptop thing. What a lovely return to some good old Brit pop.

mp3: Correcto – Do It Better

I don’t have the patience for many music videos these days, so hats off to their video for “Joni” which has enough quickly moving grainy old vacation footage to keep me interested.

Correcto, if you’ve any doubts about my abilities, just ask to see my Cupid’s arrow moves and you’ll be sold.


One response to “I would eat a fish eye [no I wouldn’t]

  1. Mike and Shelby

    Wow, you’ve been busy while your computer was sick! Throwing celebrities parties and all! (Nicki went to Disneyland with the Heder’s last month and was SOOOO grateful her husband, Cory is “behind the scenes” in Hollywood!) Mike and I will have to take another date (we seem to get them twice a year lately) to go see that movie!

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