b-day girl

Went to probably the coolest birthday party ever last night. An Asian-themed, last minute surprise for Erica thrown by Jerusha at her office which could be mistaken for Dirk’s old Williamsburg flat. Here’s the rundown. First, have some sushi, pad thai, and coconut soda. Then make your way to the red-light district room for a massage gratis. Watch Héctor Jiménez sing karaoke but get distracted by the nail techs who are there to give you mani/pedis. When your toes are dry and the wax has been peeled from your hands, the games start. Jerusha leads everyone in the name game, where you have to make your team guess as many names of famous people as possible, first by description, then by acting. Except amongst this group the names you draw are Billy Butt Hugger and Ravishing Rick Rude. Watch Jennifer Coolidge try to act out Anne Frank, but her team fails to guess right. Wonder if Jennifer Coolidge is a little bit crazy. Win Commodore Perry In Japan for making your team guess the most clues in a row. Compliment Erica on the birthday headdress and glasses given to her by Jennifer Coolidge. Take home a magically delicious cupcake topped in mini chopsticks. Wonder when the next party is going to be.

party favors

4 responses to “

  1. Truly, it was an amazing party. I am so glad I know you so I could get my hands dipped in wax. I want to live in that space so bad!! I can’t stop thinking about it.

  2. What a fun night. Only Jerusha would do something like that.

  3. I love your hair! It’s cute!

  4. i love that i’m in manhattan, reading about your important parties with important people, jealous that i’m not in utah.

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