Meet Stolen Pony

All I want to do these days is make stuff. So, inspired by Ashley, I decided to start an Etsy shop. I’m adding new things slowly, but Your Heart Out already featured one of my bags on Friday! This is a close-up of the bag I made Erica for her birthday, of which there is another on Etsy that has yet to be monogrammed. I also realized I can put my vintage shopping luck to use here. One thing I love about living in Utah are the D.I.s and other thrift shops. Some of my favorite items in my closet and jewelry box are thrifting finds. I figure the time I spend scouring would be worth the price for somebody to acquire some of the gems that I can’t keep myself. Like this dress my sissy modeled. So my Etsy shop is part my own sewing experiments and part vintage treasure trove. I’m taking the approach that I wouldn’t sell something on Etsy, whether I made it or found it, that I wouldn’t want to keep myself. Take a look, it has been christened Stolen Pony. Maybe I’ll put a widget in the sidebar so you can see the new things that get added.

Speaking of Etsy, I got some adorable rings and hairpins the other day from this cool shop.


6 responses to “Meet Stolen Pony

  1. Yah. Neato. I’m so tempted by your wares. And you even have Tiny Mustard Pants on your masthead.

  2. Congrats on your wee enterprise, I think it is all so cool. Also, you should prob just start documenting Rosie all the time. Between the pelt photo and the this shot? AMAZING.

  3. oh you have no idea. she’s like my little human doll. i’m always dressing her up and directing her for pictures.

  4. yeah jo! so excited! so someday when i am acutally an etsy sucess we can really share secrets, but i think that day might just be pretty far off…super cool thrift finds too, brynn and i were just talking the other day about how lucky you utards are becuase there are the best thrift stores there, the ones here are the worst!

  5. very cool! I love vintage shopping too

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