Do I feel bad I’m not at Coachella right now like all the other music bloggers? Well I don’t feel bad that I’m not having to choose between seeing Cut Copy or Jens Lekman and between Yelle or Calvin Harris. I don’t feel bad that I’m not getting sunburned and dehydrated and nauseous. I do feel bad that tomorrow night I’m not seeing Modeselektor, Simian Mobile Disco, Chromeo, and Justice, one after another on the same stage. Ugh. To make myself feel better I just think about how in two weeks I will be in New York recovering from Lykke Li, El Perro del Mar, Midnight Juggernauts, and Shy Child, and will have spent less than $30 on those tickets. And $5 for the Jetblue flight. Ayayay!

I also feel better when I listen to my awesome muxtape. At Niall‘s firm hand I have made a mixtape on to share with him, and I’m sharing it with you too. It’s perfect for this gorgeous Saturday. Just stuff I’ve felt like listening to lately and what I want to listen to while I get stuff done today. There are a bunch of places online where you can make playlists or whatever, but I love the simplicity and design of Muxtape. I kinda want to make a bunch of them.

more than milk muxtape streams HERE


One response to “muxosity

  1. There is an AIR application called GhettoBlaster that lets you play muxtapes on your desktop on OSX/Windows:

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