a churchy one

I’d been ward hopping for quite a while and recently finally committed to the one I’m supposed to be in. It’s early in the morning which is difficult after late Saturday nights. My first week, the program for sacrament meeting said musical program, which actually just turned out to be the congregation singing hymns the whole time. Sounds boring but it unexpectedly turned out to be incredible. Then this week when I got there, Richard G. Scott was sitting on the stand. My view was blocked at first so I didn’t even notice until the 1st counselor announced it and I thought he was joking. Nobody, including the Bishop, knew he was coming, and he didn’t intend to speak. But of course he was asked to so he just gave a very short and simple testimony at the end of the meeting. It was so exciting to hear that familiar calm but dramatic voice in our own little church house. I found it interesting that he just popped in for no apparent reason. My brother Andy said he was just doing what he used to do at the high school dances. Andy was on student council and would stop and chat with all the groups of kids to make sure they were having a good time and stuff. So maybe he’s just checking on the singles, giving us a little reminder that the apostles don’t forget about us. It took me a really long time to join this ward, so I thought, I’m being told I’m finally in the right place. Then in Sunday school I found myself sitting near my chiropractor,who I hadn’t known was Mormon. So the whole time I was very self-conscious about my posture and kept shifting around trying to keep my back straight, except then my chair kept banging on the chair rail in the wall. Blurg. But anyway, church is great and good.


4 responses to “a churchy one

  1. Cool. Lunch tomorrow?

  2. that is the cool thing about church up there… glad you went!

  3. Mike and Shelby

    Isn’t it neat to hear them in person? It’s the best feeling.So, did you get anything out of Sunday School with your mind on your posture? (Even without my chiroprator sitting in Sunday School with me, it’s hard to pay attention!)

  4. I guess Apostles like to check in with the regular folk now and then… Dallin H. Oaks dropped into one of my wards a while back… basically the same story as yours. Cool.

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