NYC Part V: Seen at the Met

A daily visit for a few months of my life, The Metropolitan Museum of Art is now a must on every trip.

My favorite sculpture at the Met
Ugolino and his Sons
Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux
As told in Dante’s The Inferno, Ugolino was a traitor condemned to starvation. Here he is resisting his son’s offers of their own bodies for sustenance. I can’t help but focus on his tensed and contorted toes.

These are made of chrome steel
Sacred Heart (Red/Gold)
Balloon Dog (Yellow)
Jeff Koons
On The Roof

Walking up a staircase, spotted something I’d never seen before that was pretty compelling. Is it sick that I think it looks like they’ve been suffocated rather than giftwrapped?
Gift Wrapped Doll #23
Gift Wrapped Doll #16
James Rosenquist


2 responses to “NYC Part V: Seen at the Met

  1. Mike and Shelby

    No, that kind of reminds me of Chuckie. (If I have a nightmare tonight about Lauren’s dolls, I’m blaming you!)

  2. James Rosenquist is one of very favorite artists and these I love and now you know the impact of them in person. He is a genious. Ooh, you make me want to do a post jsut on him.

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