Super duper things

people have sent me or told me about recently:

Mo Rocca and Tim Gunn critique polygamist style

Dude makes music by chopping up Alice in Wonderland

Justice and Chromeo on a kaossilator

I want one!

Robyn gets worked by Blip Boutique into a bunch of mini-vids
Plus my favorite, Robyn performs live in a country music club in Texas
Not to mention, Robyn and the Teddybears do The View–Bizarro!
Interpol’s “Rest My Chemistry” also gets Blipped

Talks on TED–tons including,
intelligent crows
Ze Frank
J. J. Abrams (I’ll never be mad at him again.)

Thanks J, N, M, etc.


One response to “Super duper things

  1. Thanks, especially for the Abrams and the Rocca. I met my wife when she was working at Pioneer Village, and the uniform was exactly that polygamist chic. Oh, we laugh about it now.

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