run, rabbit, run

Alan Mcgee thinks Glasvegas is the best band to come out of Glasgow in 20 years, since The Jesus and Mary Chain. He describes them as a cross between The Jesus and Mary Chain, The Ronnettes, Little Richard, Alex Chilton, and Motown. Plus, they have a chick drummer.

When my Scottish informant sent me an album of Glasvegas singles last week I was beside myself. The few lone demos drifting around the netternet last year, like “Flowers and Football Tops,” left me obsessed and biting my nails for more. This singles collection adds a few more to the fire, like “It’s My Own Cheating Heart That Makes Me Cry.” There’ll be a proper album from them later this year on Columbia, co-produced by Rich Costey who’s worked with Interpol, Franz Ferdinand, and Muse. The first Columbia single is Geraldine, watch the new video for it here. There’s nothing wrong with their own recordings, but in this video we hear their sound in a for reals studio with proper acoustics and oh, it is legendary, in the words of Barney. Listen to it with good headphones.

mp3: Glasvegas – Flowers and Football Tops
mp3: Glasvegas – It’s My Own Cheating Heart That Makes Me Cry

Glasvegas on myspace


2 responses to “run, rabbit, run

  1. I’m off to see them in guildford this week should be corking

  2. the wee glasvegas are so 2006! 🙂

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