Sorry, Maddy

Madonna, I love you. But Hard Candy was so phoned in, it’s hilarious. Right down to the recycled title and your guest Kanye’s rhyming “now” with “now” and “now.”


4 responses to “Sorry, Maddy

  1. Also, while she may have full-on gymrat guns, her arms and waist in that picture seem photoshopped away from a human shape. Metaphor for how her life is going? Little bit.

  2. Ugh, so with you on that one. For once in her life, Madge is behind the times.

  3. maybe she should go Amish. i think that would be a good look for her. Does her entourage not have the guts to tell her that she can’t pull off S&M, or does no one care as long as the music sells?

  4. It was insulting, really.And to make matters worse, the tour was great! If she’d given all those songs more than TWO WEEKS (from “writing” to recording to finishing the album) it could have been great! Live versions were fantastic!

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