I have to say, this Etsy thing is mucho fun. More than just for the money. Today I sent off a vintage bag to Norway. While looking around to make sure I was writing the address correctly, Google Maps told me this is what it looks like in the neighborhood in Tromsø I was shipping to. Pretty cool, eh? Don’t worry, if you buy something from me I won’t actually stalk you. Probably.


2 responses to “worldly

  1. Jo! Jory has been telling me all about your Etsy success and your being featured on Your Heart Out and everything, and I think you’re lovely and amazing. Congratulations! I don’t see you enough to tell you that in person.(P.S. I am LOVING the Glasvegas tracks you put up, holy wow. LOVING.)

  2. chels! i’m so glad you like glasvegas. i can bring you more next time i’m in provo. i wish i saw you more!

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