New Tilly & The Wall Out Today!

And it is good! The last album was a bit of a disappointment, so well done on o. The first ep and album will always be my favorite. The sound on this album is more full, more produced, more complex. Having to accept that Tilly won’t ever be the same as they were back then is easier when they can put out a record like this. iTunes has it DRM-free with a bonus track and digital booklet, which was worth the extra dollar over the Amazon download. Upon the first few listens, this is one of the standout tracks.

mp3: Tilly & The Wall – Falling Without Knowing

Tillky & The Wall are touring, starting in SLC! They are a must see. See dates.


One response to “New Tilly & The Wall Out Today!

  1. Mike and Shelby

    Wanna hear something that sucks? I didn’t take any pictures last night! Now we really DO have to get together again! It was so good seeing you and Amber again last night! It’s been way too long.

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