I’m enamored with the poppies at my local library. In fact, I couldn’t get them out of my head.


So I embroidered some and made them into a pillow. It looks like red, but it’s really a very bright orange. I think I like it too much to sell it.

made poppiespoppies close

6 responses to “Poppies

  1. Mike and Shelby

    You are so cool! I wouldn’t sell it either.I was amazed driving down my street today, it’s like ALL the flowers suddenly popped up all at once. Those poppies are pretty.

  2. That’s so cute! I wouldn’t sell it either…

  3. jo- those are gorgeous. i could not sell it, too much work! so my little bobby’s- polyester fabric, cut, singe, thread a bead on top, hot glue to bobby or anything. easy-peasy.i bought some on etsy for way more than they are worth so i decided to make my own. thinking about selling them but not sure! email me your address and i will send you one!

  4. SMALL and TALL

    love it! look at you go, loving your artsy fartsy crafty stuff. wish i could see it in person.

  5. omg that’s the cutest thing ever.

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